List Of Bruins and Hockey Related Podcasts

Personal Favorite Bruins/Hockey Related Podcasts; List is updated frequently.


Spittin’ Chiclets – Website Here

Favorite non-Bruins centric hockey podcast. Hosts are employed by Barstool sports and feature a lot of NHLer’s and national media guys. Some episodes have been downright hilarious, and most are at the very least informative. They have a slight Bruins bias as everyone is from the Boston area, but can also be impartial.


Black ‘N Gold Hockey Podcast – Website Here

Arguably my favorite Bruins-centric podcasts. Episodes are between 1 and 2 hours long and feature quality debate among the hosts and interviews of local media by Mark Allread. Podcast itself is found on all major podcast outlets.


Trouble’s a Bruin – Website Here

Brandon Share-Cohen is a smart, enjoyable listen. He also blogs from time to time Episodes can be found on Apple’s podcast app as well.


Spoked B Podcast – Website Here

One of my friends produces this show. Another good, long listen (usually 90-120 minutes) covering 1-3 week spans depending on their production schedule. Only available on SoundCloud as of January ’18.


Zero Pucks Given

Ty Anderson and Dale Arnold host an amazing show — good takes with a humorous twist.


Sportsnet has a podcast, not entirely Bruins related but often talks about them, especially with the B’s recent success.


If you don’t like clickbait, sensationalism, or baseless rumors, stay away from “Bruins Beat”. (Obligatory Murphy warning).

Listened to one episode and couldn’t stand the hosts voices as well as baseless rumors and hot takes. I enjoy speculation but these guys are too much.